Health & Safety

NTC Contracting has always had a belief that all accidents are preventable and shares our goal incident and injury free projects with our client. Every opportunity is taken to eliminate or reduce uncontrolled hazards which are the causes of every incident in the workplace.

NTC Contracting has a robust Health & Safety System that meets the requirements of the Occupational Health & Safety Act. All employees on NTC projects are responsible for NTC's Health & Safety system's effectiveness and are encouraged to actively participate to ensure all our goals are meet.

NTC Contracting is committed to achieving the highest possible performance in Occupational Health and Safety in the workplace across all of its business operations.

Consistent with this, NTC Contracting will:

  • Strive for continuous improvement in occupational safety and health performance utilising best practice procedures and taking into account evolving knowledge and technology;
  • Comply with all appropriate legislation and standards;
  • The establishment, implementation and maintenance of our Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems in accordance with AS/NZS 4801.
  • Manage risk through the introduction of hazard identification, elimination, monitoring and control procedures and by reviewing performance;
  • Ensure that all employees, including sub-contractors' employees, are fully instructed, trained and assessed in the tasks each will be required to perform and in the operation of all plant and equipment each will be required to operate;
  • Communicate and consult with employees, including contractors' employees, and where appropriate involve them in the development of practices and procedures aimed at the improvement of occupational health and safety performance;
  • Ensure that all employees, including sub-contractors' employees, are fully aware of their responsibilities to take reasonable care to ensure their own health and safety at work and to avoid adversely affecting the health or safety of others through any act or omission at work; and
  • Cooperate with government and the community on occupational health and safety issues and contribute to the development of relevant occupational health and safety policy, legislation, standards and research.

A copy of NTC Contracting's Policy can be found here

Occupational Health & Safety Policy


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