NTC has always conducted its business in a manner that seeks to minimise adverse effects upon the environment while delivering cost effective construction solutions. We realise that responsible Environmental Management plays a major part in ensuring our industry is sustainable and causes the least amount of harm possible. Our performance in this area is a major reason why we have loyal clients and repeat business especially when environmental management is critical in order to comply with legislative and client requirements.

We monitor the effects of our operation on the environment continuously and we use these results to develop smart, practical measures to reduce our impact.

NTC Contracting will continue to improve environmental management standards by:

  • Complying with relevant environmental legal, project and other requirements as a minimum, and exceeding these commitments where practicable;
  • Assessing environmental risks and implementing appropriate control measures prior to the commencement of each project;
  • The establishment, implementation and maintenance of our Environmental Management Systems in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 14001;
  • Setting, meeting and reviewing objectives and targets to reduce environmental risks;
  • Minimising adverse environmental impacts through the use of integrated management procedures and planning;
  • Preventing pollution, reducing waste and where practicable committing to waste recovery and recycling as opposed to disposal;
  • Communicating environmental requirements to all employees and subcontractors;
  • Ensuring that environmental management considerations are fully evaluated, costed and detailed in tender bid preparation;
  • Reviewing environmental performance and identifying opportunities for improvement; and
  • Encouraging and seeking the input of all employees to into our environmental plans.

A copy of NTC Contracting's Policy can be found here

Environmental Policy


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