Paulsens Gold Mine

Much of the work at Paulsens was for the construction of a new Tailings Dam and two subsequent lifts for Intrepid Mines and Northern Star Resources.

Stage 1

The initial tailings dam (900m length) was constructed by NTC with the starter wall, with a maximum height of 4.5 m was undertaken by being started in November 2004 and completed by March 2005.  The construction was supervised by Coffey Mining. The wall, with a maximum height of 4.5 m, included a cut off trench and the embankment was constructed from well compacted gravelly clay derived from within the basin and a decant causeway of gravel was also constructed.

Stage 2

Between late 2006 and early 2007 the first upstream raise was undertaken, with this ATC Williams (ATCW) designed embankment being constructed from tailings. The construction included a 1.5m lift and extending the embankment  and the provision of a rock lined emergency spillway on the eastern end of the embankment.

Stage 3

A further 1.5 m raising of the embankment was constructed in mid 2008 and the dam into TSF Category 2, with a wall height of 6.15 m above original ground level. This upstream raise was carried out using tailings compacted to at least 95% SMDD with rockfill cladding on the downstream face. The emergency spillway was also raised in its current position, using compacted tailings covered by geotextile and rock pitching.

Stage 4a

The most recent raising of the embankment was only 0.5 m and constructed from tailings.  This has taken the wall height of the dam to 8.7 m above original ground level.

NTC was the head contractor for all of these Stages.

NTC has also constructed the airstrip for the Gold Mine and maintains this on a regular basis.

Runway Repairs

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